Things that Really Tick Me Off

1. Ants in my classroom.  It’s war, you little boogers.  You will not win.

2. Gossip.  I know it’s fun to get a rise out of people by telling them a juicy, exaggerated little tidbit, but it wreaks havoc, and sometimes other people have to clean up the messes you make with your poisonous words.

3. Insensitivity.  I’m infertile.  Do you know what infertility is?  It means that I will never, ever be able to have children.  It means that if my husband had married someone else, he would likely be a father by now.  I have to live with that fact every single day of my life.  I don’t need my face rubbed in it.

4. Fear-mongering.  Take pleasure in the positive.  Please.  For once.

5. Hypocrisy.  You are two different people, and the nice you is not the real you.  Don’t try to play sweet and confused.  You need Jesus.

6. Fattening snacks in the front office.  I hate you, but I still want you.  Especially you, glazed doughnuts.  Go away.

And this is just what annoyed me TODAY.  Just today!  Not this week, this month, this year, but today.  Sigh.  I need a fattening snack now.  And a can of ant poison.  And a roll of duct tape.  Don’t ask.


2 thoughts on “Things that Really Tick Me Off

  1. Thanks, Debbie! The weekend was nice and today is a snow day, so I have plenty of opportunities to recover from my brutal encounters with human nature. 🙂

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