Quote of the Day

From Brent Holtcamp, a colleague and good friend who will tell you that his mentoring has made me what I am today.  *laughsnort*

“If you don’t have the gift and the calling, teaching is a really dumb job.”

Seriously, this is one to cross-stitch on a pillow.

Just to clarify–I LOVE my job.  I do not think it is dumb.  But oh, if you are a teacher, you know exactly what this quote is saying.  I can’t even really explain it, except to say that if I were to walk into my classroom each morning without the proper perspective on what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, I might want to smash my head against a hard surface until I saw little cartoon birdies flying around in circles.

Thank you God, for perspective, and for no little cartoon birdies.

That is all.


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