Coming Soon to a Blog Near You…

I just thought I should write a quick post about why I’ve not been posting.  I started the new year with a resolution to blog more frequently.  I was inspired by a friend who decided to write more this year, despite the fact that she is kept super-busy as a wife, mother of two children (a toddler and infant), and co-owner of a small business.  Although there are many pressures and responsibilities that come with my being a wife, full-time English teacher, grad student, homemaker, and house-mom, I find blogging a relaxing, cathartic, and enriching pastime.  Plus, as the adage goes, one way to become a better writer is to write more.

However, I’ve been stretched a little thin lately, and the blog is one thing in my life that won’t explode if I temporarily drop it.  This is week is going to be especially tight.  I have report cards due Monday at 8:00 a.m. (and kids still submitting late work electronically that has to be graded and then entered before report cards can be processed), a 90 minute presentation Monday evening that’s worth 20% of my grade in American Lit, a midterm exam Wednesday that’s worth 15% of my grade in Language Acquisition and Linguistics, and the freshman class lunch fundraiser Wednesday.  Needless to say, I can’t wait for this week to be over.  Spring break has never looked sweeter.

But don’t worry, all 11 of you who faithfully follow my blog, I will be back in full force over spring break.  I’ve got three or four awesome posts stewing in my brain, and I’ll probably take one whole day of my break as a blog-a-thon.  Here are some juicy titles to whet your anticipation:

1. Self-Narration and the New Narcissism: The Power of the Stories We Tell Ourselves about Ourselves.

2. Wallowing in Schadenfreude, or Why We Love Watching Hoarders.

3. My Tea Cures Cancer: The Era of the Over-Performing Product.

Back to the books for now.  Arrivederci.


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