I would just to take this moment to say…

…that I am so glad I live in an era where my cultural capital does not reside solely in my reproductive system. I am so extremely grateful that I can be valued for my intellect, wit, and character instead of feeling like a broken down uterus and a pair of malfunctioning ovaries. I was thinking today what it must have been like for infertile women in ages past. For most of human history and in most cultures, women were valued solely for their ability to conceive and bear male children. Women were taught to read a little, sew, sing, and be fashion plates only insofar as it helped them get a husband. An infertile woman who married would feel as though she had led her husband astray and that she had nothing to offer him or anyone else. My heart breaks just thinking about it. Instead, I have the opportunity to build a new life for myself, and I am valued for my contributions to society. This era certainly has its share of problems, but I would never, ever wish myself anywhere else in history.


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