Note to Self:

Read this whenever you don’t feel like going to the gym.

Yes, exercise is laborious, time-consuming, boring, and a general pain in the butt.  HOWEVER.  Exercise…

1. Melts away the inches.  Your clothes will loosen up and you can still eat chocolate.

2. Fights off diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, and a host of other unwanted medical conditions.

3. Gives you so much energy that you’re more efficient–so it actually SAVES time in the long run.

4. Makes you feel less stressed and more optimistic about life. Suddenly the princess who’s chatting up her friend on the phone and blocking a whole aisle with her cart in Wal-Mart will be a source of amusement rather than blood-boiling frustration.

5. Increases your brain power: both memory and focus.  Those Sudoku puzzles better watch out; there’s a new sheriff in town.

6. Fills your cheeks and lips with nice color that doesn’t come from a compact.  Ha!  Maybe it ISN’T Maybelline.

7. Rids your body of toxins, improves digestion, and boosts your immune system.

There are plenty of excuses, but no real reasons for skipping something that’s both necessary and beneficial to your wellness.  So pull on those polyester gym shorts, tie those sneakers and hit the treadmill honey.  It’ll be well worth it.


4 thoughts on “Note to Self:

    • Glad you liked the post! Yeah, I’ll never be one of those people who loves to work out, but I’ll always love the benefits. Thanks for stopping by.

    • You are so right. Unfortunately, I have yet to find that elusive Holy Grail of workouts (having tried Zumba, Nia, kickboxing, step class, water aerobics, biking, and others). But I’m not giving up! And I’ll ALWAYS enjoy what exercise does for me.

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