Houston, We Have an Argument

I had a minor epiphany in a coffee shop this morning.  I’ve been struggling with how to put together the disparate elements of my thesis, searching for the thread that will combine all my ideas into a relevant, cohesive whole.  I FOUND IT.  I was busy searching for ways to connect what I saw as different genres of writing instead of looking at the them as different literacies.  It all makes sense, and I’m on a roll now.  I crafted an argument in about two minutes and started working an outline.  Among other things, my thesis will examine letters, novels, Facebook, texting, blogging, Twitter, spelling, penmanship, sealing wax, laptops, text, hypertext, and the signing of one’s name.  It will span about 350 years.  It will be AWESOME.

Yes, I know it’s a little vague.  I’m excited about the originality and potential for publication of this idea, so I don’t want to send too much of it into hyperspace.  But I just had to share a little bit; more to come.


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