Bucket List

This is my first.

1. Write a book and get it published.  And not self-published either.

2. Get my Masters in English Literature and Rhetoric.  Almost there.

3. Get my Ph.D.  Long way off.

4. Become a college professor at a well-known university.  I don’t need Harvard or Yale, but someplace widely respected would be nice.  I wouldn’t mind Vanderbilt.  Tomorrow is my first day as an adjunct instructor at CSU-Pueblo.  It’s a start!

5. Live in Italy for a year learning to become a Master Sommelier.

6. Write a novel that takes place in Paris while I’m living in Paris.

7. Conduct primary research in Northern England and Scotland about epistolary literacy in the 18th century.

8. Own one pair of Louboutins.  Just one pair.

9.  Learn a lot of French and a little Italian.

10.  Get pretty good at ballroom dancing.

11. Spend a year working Camp des Cimes in La Rivoire, France.

12. Sing in a really great musical, like My Fair Lady or The Phantom of the Opera  or Wicked.  Not in one of the lead roles; just as an extra.

13. Watch the sun rise from the top of a mountain.

14. Go back to Israel and Costa Rica with Tim.

15. Visit Angel Falls.



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