Dear Blog Stalkers: A Request

About once a week, I look through my stats and find that yet another random reader has gone through my  site and read about a dozen posts.  I love it!  That’s awesome!  I’m so glad that people find my blog, read a post, and find that they want to read more from me.  I’ve done the same thing–I’ve gone browsing through Freshly Pressed or a friend’s blogroll and found a fascinating site that’s distracted me for more time than I’d like to admit.  The trouble is, I don’t know who these people are and I don’t know what they think of my site.  I’m not looking for accolades: I’m looking for genuine feedback.  Which posts were your favorite and why?  What did you find compelling about my content or style that made you want to read more?  What attracted you to certain titles?  Did you find things with which you disagreed?  What made you decide to subscribe or not to subscribe?  I write this blog mostly for myself and my friends, but I also really like to know how I’m being received by a wider audience.

So I have a special request to make you, my faithful Blog Stalkers: please leave a comment or a like on a post that made a particular impression on you.  If you know me, send me an email or a Facebook message.  I’m never going to have a really consistent voice or theme that will pull in the bigger numbers of readers or subscribers.  However, I would love to hear from the faithful few who don’t mind my eclectic content and enjoy perusing my archives. I hereby promise to do the same for you.  If I find that an hour has slipped by because I’m enjoying your posts, I will leave you some form of feedback.

To those who have already liked, commented, and/or subscribed: merci beaucoup!  Happy blogging and happy stalking, everyone.


11 thoughts on “Dear Blog Stalkers: A Request

    • It’s all in the site stats! I can look at a day in which my normal high-number posts were read by several people but there’s a whole list of other posts that were read 1 time each. So I can tell that someone spent some serious time clicking through my posts, but I received no new likes or comments that day. My goal with this post is to encourage my readers to tell me what they liked and what they didn’t. Which reminds me: thank you for stopping by and for liking the post!

    • Nothing closet about your blog stalking, Debbie! Ha ha! Having said all of this in the above post, I must take a moment to thank you for being the #1 commenter on my blog. And I’m afraid that here I must confess that I stalk your blogs too. 🙂

  1. I am one of the faithful stalkers. I love the variety of subjects that you post about. Your writing style is so rich, but to the point, that it is fun reading about whatever subject pops into your head. Of course, I’m totally biased towards you, my dear friend.

    • Thank you, Jenny! That is very encouraging to hear. There are times when I glance over my last few titles, heave a sigh, and think, “I really need to tighten up my content on this blog and write for a more specific audience.” But then I think of how bored I would get always writing just about teaching or just about literature or just about fashion or just about eating vegan or just about pop culture. Anyway, thanks for faithfully stalking. Can’t WAIT to start stalking your blog in the very near future!!!

  2. Hi, I’m a blog stalker… I didn’t mean to be, just a bit shy! I found your blog when doing a google search on reviews for Ann Voskamp’s book. Since then I’ve come back and read other posts because I find your style of writing interesting, and the wide variety of topics you cover. I like your well-considered reviews of books and how you apply your faith. I’m a similar age to you and was a high school science teacher here in New Zealand (currently at home) so I find a lot of what you write applicable. I don’t have a blog and never noticed the ‘like’ button before but I will be subscribing because I enjoy your writing 🙂

    • Oh, thank you so much, Lisa! That makes me so very happy. I am honestly quite surprised that someone I don’t know in person likes my crazy variety of topics. Wow, high school science! I think science teachers are very brave. I am glad that I don’t have to hand my kids dissection tools or Bunsen burners. I appreciate you taking the time to leave such a nice comment, and please let me know if you ever decide to start a blog! You sound like someone I would like to blog-stalk. 🙂

  3. I’m currently reading 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp. I found your review to be really helpful and would love to read a follow up. In a response to one of the comments you said you were re-reading and finding things that you both liked and disagreed with. I would love to hear all about it. I read the book and tended towards thinking “It’s poetry so I’m not going to take that literally.” But then I realized that perhaps I need to figure out what SHE is actually saying and not just what it seems to mean to me based on what I presuppose to be true. Does that make any sense?

    • It absolutely makes sense! I firmly believe in searching for an author’s intended meaning and not just trying to create meaning in our own minds. I believe that while miscommunication is rampant, real communication is indeed possible. In Voskamp’s case, the genre/style she chose can make her meaning a little more difficult to find and more open to misinterpretation. I will think about writing a follow-up, although now it’s been a while since the second reading I did of the book. Thank you very much for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! If you have a blog, let me know; I’d love to check it out!

      • Thanks so much for the response! I don’t have a blog as of yet. I’ve started writing in the past but life happens and that seems to be one of the first things to go out the window for me. Maybe when my little ones get a bit older (they are 1 and 3 right now) I will get back to it. Thanks again for your thoughts and I look forward to reading more of your stuff!

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