To My New Australian Readers…

Hello, wonderful readers from Australia! I was thrilled and honored to see that a post from my blog was featured on the EQUIP women’s Facebook page.  Here are some other posts you might enjoy:

1. Three Gifts the Gospel Gives

2. The Joy of the Half-Empty Glass

3. Faith-Filled Gratitude: Anxiety’s Antidote


8 thoughts on “To My New Australian Readers…

  1. I’m an Australian and I checked your site out because you liked a comment of mine.
    Are you able to see what it is the site readers are viewing (or referral sites) with blog stats in wordpress? Nice job on your recent popularity upsurge by the way. By the way I liked Frozen a lot too!.Cheers.

    • Thank you! I’ve just been happily puttering away on this blog since 2009 with hardly any readers except my mother-in-law, and then all of a sudden, I have 440 views in a single day! The biggest referral site is Facebook. On my “big day,” I had 189 referrals from Facebook (which still doesn’t explain the 317 visitors and 440 views). Total mystery. I double checked, and it’s definitely not any of my three Aussie Facebook friends posting a link to my blog. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and comment! And I’m so happy to hear that you are a fellow fan of Frozen!

      • Oh, and the post that they’re mostly viewing is “The Danger of the Soul Mate Narrative.” That might actually be a more direct answer to your question.

      • Wow that is a bizarre occurrence indeed! 440 views. I envy you so much lol I think my highest is like 30 views in a day haha Yes Frozen was all too cool excuse the metaphor. I live in Colombia and I told my family as we watched it in the cinema that the song ‘Let it go’ but in spanish is awesome and won the academy award for best song. So yeh, I feel pretty pretty, preety good. lol Nice blog you have!

      • I read earlier the danger of a soul narrative and it could be perhaps because a church promoted it. I don’t know how affiliated your church is to Australia, but it does read very church like – cool stuff. I’m agnostic, once a baptist church member but it was a nice post, which might have been caught on by the Hillsong or other churches of Australia. I have no idea.

      • Thanks! I spent five years writing to a tiny audience and never expected to generate wide interest. Your idea that my blog might be somehow linked to a church (maybe promoted by a pastor on FB?) is a good one since most of my blog posts have something to do with faith and God. I look forward to reading your blog as well! Cheers!

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