Happy Birthday, Jane Austen

Jane Austen once said, “If a book is well written, I always find it too short.”

This woman defied the conventions of her time by finding her voice in an age when women were expected to be silent.

She wrote books that had compelling plots, witty repartee, and incisive socio-political commentary lurking beneath an ostensibly polite surface.

She created some of the most memorable, universal characters in all of literature.  After all, who among us has not had a Mr. Collins at the table, enthusiastically over-complimenting the boiled potatoes?  Or tried to console a Marianne Dashwood whose heart was newly broken?  Or tried our hand at Emma Woodhouse-style matchmaking?

She inspired me to love reading and inspires my work as an English teacher today.

Happy birthday, 239th birthday, Jane. I always found your books too short.


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