Stuff I Like, December Edition


I really like reading these kinds of posts on other blogs, so I thought I’d post one of my own.  If it’s fun, I’ll do it again sometime.  And no, the irony that my last post is about materialism isn’t lost on me.  Balance, right?  Plus if you need some inspiration for last minute Christmas gifts, maybe this list will spark an idea.

  1. Mighty Good Coffee’s espresso blend.  We were introduced to Mighty Good Coffee when we moved to Ann Arbor and got hooked.  The espresso blend has caramelized brown sugar notes, and it’s perfect with cream and a warm chocolate croissant.
  2. Violette, by Fragonard.  I’m not a perfume-wearing girl, but I toured the Fragonard perfume factory on my first trip to Paris and walked away with enough free samples to last me a year.  There are few things nastier than a bad perfume, but a really nice perfume is addictive.  Violette has notes of violet, orange, rose, and raspberry.  It’s a light, fresh (not cloying) floral.  They weren’t doing online sales at the time, so I thought I was safe from this latest version of Lifestyle Creep.  But now it’s available through their website, and I’m hooked.
  3. The black cotton sweater from Everlane (I couldn’t find my exact sweater, so I posted a similar one here).  Recently, I’ve been trying to become a more conscious consumer, and Everlane popped up on my radar as a responsible, non-exploitative clothing company.  Their clothes are beautiful basics–stuff that’s not likely to go out of style soon.  I ordered a plan white v-neck t-shirt, and a black crewneck sweater.  Both were well-designed and well-constructed.  But oh, that black sweater–so luxurious.  And when I say I wear it everywhere, I mean EVERY.WHERE.  I dress it up with a statement silver necklace and maroon pants and teach in it.  I put it over a collared white shirt and jeans for happy hour.  I wear it over a long grey skirt and ankle boots to church.  I wear it with sweatpants on the couch watching a movie because it is just that comfortable.
  4. Rusk Elixir Mist.  My sister gave me a subscription to Birchbox, and this has been my favorite item so far.  It’s a fine mist that evenly coats the hair, protects it from heat, and makes it shiny and soft.  Also doesn’t hurt that it smells like a tropical vacation.
  5. Patterned cotton napkins from India.  Ten Thousand Villages is another ethical Fair Trade company committed to providing “sustainable economic opportunities for artisans in developing countries.”  Their products are beautiful.  The cream and blue-green patterned napkins complement our table’s dark wood and deep red placemats beautifully.

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